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LA Coaching utilizes your birth chart to distill and unfold the right questions so that together, we find the way together trough crisis, uncertainty and discomfort.  

My goal is to offer a safe place for you to share your life experiences and ultimately, through learning more about yourself and support from me, transition into a new perspective and clearer pathway.  

Sessions in person, via Skype, Zoom or over the telephone. 

60 min. Coaching: $100

30 min. Coaching: $75

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Coaching Packages are now available! 

Purchase multiple sessions and save. 

3 Session Package: $275 (Savings $25)


5 Session Package: $450 (savings of $50)

10 Session Package: $900 (savings of $100)

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Beautiful Impacts 

Karlee M.

I started life coaching with Lisa almost 5 months ago and she has changed my life for the better. At the end of October 2018, I got out of the most abusive relationship of my life. I had no idea where to start with my recovery from a relationship with a psychopath. I had been going to a counselor, but he was manipulating my decisions and definitely not the right match for me.


Shortly after leaving the relationship my aunt got me in contact with Lisa, who was also her life coach. After going to her for about a month I realized counseling wasn’t working and started exclusively working with Lisa. 


Lisa helps me set goals that benefit my mental health. She also encourages me to do things that make me get out of my comfort zone. We work off of my astrologist chart and figure out where issues stem from. 


With Lisa’s help it has also encouraged me to work towards becoming a life coach! A lot of people who have recovered from psychopathic abuse tell me that I have healed extremely fast. What take many people a year has taken me 4 months. I credit a lot of that success to Lisa! 


I would highly recommend her as your life coach! 



The insights and guidance that Lisa Anne provides for our business team offers perspective and validation that we truly appreciate. This helps us reflect and plan future efforts with an integral layer of information. Equally as important, the experience has deepened our understanding and connections with each other. 

~Dawn F, Communications Director 

It has expanded our awareness and understanding of each of our individual strengths to help us work more collaboratively as a group. It gives each member of our group a voice and a chance to use their individual vision to help us move forward on our journey.  It promotes creative conversations on how to improve our existing goals and well as how help us move forward to our fullest potential for future goals.


~ Stacy C. , Partner, Consultant 

Laura N.

I know Lisa came into my life for many reasons, but I definitely attracted her into my life at the right time.  For the past year or so, I have scheduled 3-month astrology check-in appointments with Lisa. 


Not only has the astrology been so right on, as far as when things will be happening for me, but the coaching that Lisa has provided as issues have come up for me personally has been right on the mark.  Lisa has helped me to use the information in what my astrology chart stated to really make sure that I was able to execute what was occurring in my life. When my work results were lower, she provided clarification on why this was happening and how to make the change to get the positive results back.  Lisa has also has helped me the how to's of handling difficult conversations with friends and romantic partners. 


Having someone who is knowledgeable on what is happening in my life and why, along with being able to provide tips on how to solve these issues has been a Godsend for me.  I have felt relief from stress and reassurance when I have needed it and this reassurance has helped me to get back on track. Thank you, Lisa for all that you done so far that has added to my life being more positive and uplifting.

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