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When I was first referred to Lisa Anne, I was both excited and unsure of what I would learn.  Wow, was I surprised.  Through the information in the birth chart, I received affirmations of what my heart knew, but my brain was unwilling to accept. We discussed this. Lisa gave me “homework” to assist me with my healing, and this opened the door to a Soul Retrieval – reclaiming my lost inner child.  It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

This process then allowed growth spurts that provided me with a more unified and grounded sense of self.  I’m learning to play and have fun and I’m loving it.  

In all ways, my life is easier because of investing the time with Lisa Anne.  I’ve acquired knowledge of self, acceptance of self, and made decisions that have given me FREEDOM and PEACE – something I’ve never experienced before now.

My experience with Astrology and the guidance of Lisa Anne has been a priceless gift.

Marlys H.

Studying my astrology with Lisa is simply neat! I have received validation in known tendencies that keep me in comfort zones, yet I have been afforded the insight into allowing and accepting new energies that will help drive my soul to serve its greatest potential. Without a doubt, we love dancing in our suns, but we are the most happiest when looking toward our north nodes.  I would encourage anyone to open up your birth chart and discover the paths that are specific and unique to you-  learn from them, embrace them, and find peace in knowing that everything is meant to be. 

Andrea L.

Lisa Anne has changed how I view astrology. I now view it as a way to learn more about myself and what path to take when I am questioning what to do next. My time with Lisa is similar to meeting  with a counselor yet more in depth because of her gift of intuition and how she relates astrology in to my life circumstance. Not only does Lisa listen to where I am at, she offers reassurance that I am where I need to be and gives me direction of what to expect in the coming months due to the alignment of the energies of the universe also known as stars and planets. I consider Lisa a mentor and a woman I will continue to meet with as I go through life. Without her guidance and wisdom, I would not have the focus and confidence that things will work out as needed and I am doing what I am meant to do. 

Emily K

Lisa Anne’s readings have been amazingly intuitive and accurate.  I have had many readings from her and continue to use these readings for guidance in my life. Often times the information our sessions are things in already innately know, but confirms the path I should be taking to lead a purposeful and happy life. I highly suggest (and have) anyone who needs a little guidance to discover what is written in the stars.

Nikki E.

I have met with Lisa Anne twice:  once for a full Birthday Chart reading and again for a 90-day Update.  Both meetings have been of tremendous value to me.  Lisa Anne has a scientific approach.  She is an interpreter of what my birth chart is showing her.  It is obvious she cannot tell me what specific things are going to show up in my life - but she gives a clear picture of what my life is ripe for at this particular time or over the next 90 days.  Then I begin to listen and watch for action opportunities that fit into this fertile energy.  I highly recommend meeting with Lisa Anne.  It is very personal time spent on your reason for being here.  Lisa Anne is the real deal. 

Jenni Z.

Thank you for the amazing astrology consultation. It really has brought me deep peace and has moved me into a new layer of healing.  It also gave me the courage to do some pretty hard things recently, but ones that are in alignment with my soul.  I really appreciated your intuition and I have deep respect for your work.  I look forward to doing an update with you in the future:)

Jill W.

I was first introduced to Lisa Anne through an informational session she had about astrology. I was curious to hear what it was all about. I saw her do a practice reading on several subjects, armed only with their birthdate, birth time and birth location. I loved her explanation of her work as “I am a map reader. I read hundreds and thousands of maps and charts,  the information is all there.”  I hadn’t in the past done anything with astrology, short of reading and being entertained by my horoscope in the newspaper. This explanation of map reader, helped me to understand the  guidance that astrology can offer me. 

As I listen to Lisa Anne, she can illuminate what the maps tell her about me specifically. I can use the information to  know when I should take advantage of an opportunity ahead of me, or when it is a better to wait. Sometimes the information Lisa Anne shares affirms a particular phase or event in my life, that I have come through.  I am surprised at the synchronicity of my circumstances with the information Lisa Anne shares with me.  Lisa Anne has made astrology accessible to me,  in harmony with my other spiritual, faith -based practices.

Elaine M

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Through Lisa Anne's professional Astrology sessions, I have become more aware, understanding, accepting of and in tune with my true self.  

Her knowledge and expertise with Astrology have helped guide me when critical and necessary decisions needed to be made in my life. I trust the information she relays and have sought her Astrological advice on many occasions. What she shares just makes so much sense!

Lisa Anne is very kind, professional, knowledgeable and gifted.  Her love of Astrology and what she has strived to create with her business come through in every aspect of her work and her teachings.

I enjoy my Astrology Readings with Lisa Anne as they bring me wonderful guidance and clarity! To anyone who hasn't experienced a reading with Lisa Anne, please give yourself a precious gift and contact her!  You'll gain great Insight about yourself and those you love!

Kelly K.

Lisa Anne is both an intuitive and intelligent astrologer with a keen gift for highlighting the “buried treasures” in a person’s chart. I have learned so much about myself through working with her, and find her quarterly Astro-Update sessions to be absolutely vital for helping me align with my own unique timing. Her style is empowering, gentle and genuine. I highly recommend her services!

Jenna S.

I had 3 times to speak with Lisa Anne- about me, about my relationship with my husband, and even my husband had a consultation with Lisa!

That was a great experience!

First of all, I love how the information helped me feel more confident.

Secondly, it brought amazing clarity. Thank you for sharing what you do!

And the biggest surprise for me was my husband's experience!! He never believed in astrology, but now he can't wait for his next birthday month appointment.


Yulia & Baha K

I did an astrology reading for myself and for my kids. When I told my friends about it they all got very interested and also did it. I think I got like 5-6 friends who did it, too. I think it is very beneficial to know what universe has outlined for you :) Getting a reading is like checking the weather forecast. If it says sunny most likely you do not need a rain jacket but if it says thunderstorm most likely you will grab an umbrella! :)

Oxana G.

My experience helped me connect the dots with my birth chart reading. So many ah ha moments and lots of validation. I continue to have readings every 3 months as my “therapy” and to get my road map to life. It’s really helped me navigate through it all!

Jen J.

I have had several astrological sessions with Lisa, I most recently had my second Saturn Return Chart completed. This experience has been life-changing for me. By identifying key experiences in my past and analyzing how I processed them I have been able to move on and forgive some key people in my life. It took me weeks to process what Lisa shared with me and I am actually still journaling a month later. My husband also had his chart done. By comparing our charts and discussing key aspects of our birth charts we have become closer and more understanding of our differences. Thank you, Lisa.

Sheri S.

Having you read and share my chart connects me with my Spirit, giving me a sense of who I really am and how I am meant to be.  With your expressive descriptions and astrological wisdom you make connections for me to carry into my daily life, giving me a more soulful awareness of how I can grow and face the challenges of my life with an understanding of the path my Spirit is here to have.  My updates continue to keep me open to the life I am here to experience, share, and enjoy. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Ann C.

Astrology helps me to understand those around me, especially those that I may have previously gotten frustrated with.  When I understand what is making them tick, so to speak, I’m no longer frustrated with them.  It also helps me understand when I’m feeling out of sync, why it is that I’m feeling that way - and that there will be an end to that period.  It also helps me to see what I may need to do differently for my significant other, for them to feel appreciated.

Vicki L.

I have gained a deeper understanding of myself, my relationships, and my purpose on this earth through Lisa's reading of my birth chart and in biannual astrological updates. I genuinely appreciate both Lisa's interpretations of my astrological chart and counseling on major life events. Our discussions always help me to focus and apply my energies in ways that align with whatever the planets have to offer me.

Jess J.

I wanted to thank you (again) so much for the Solar Return reading. It's so incredibly helpful to have a map reader, such as yourself, offering guidance on how to navigate the coming year, and tie things up from this last year. You are very gifted at what you do.

Danielle L.

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