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The Awakening

A Woman's Search for Truth

Is silence the same thing as deception? Is forgetting the same thing as denial? What if no one ever knew your it still a secret? These questions and many more are explored as readers are thrown into the seemingly ordinary world of Meg Richards. But like most things in life, nothing is ever as it seems. 


“I am very intrigued with the human spirit and finding what it is that stands in our way of finding peace, as well as making peace, with ourselves, with others, with life itself,” Lisa says. “I've always been interested in the residual effects of the big decisions we make in life. When we try to simply forget painful memories in our life, what happens? Can you even do that? When we hide from the truth, how do we even know what is real anymore? The Awakening is an examination of all of those decisions. This is Meg Richards story, but is universal to anyone's quest for an understanding of who they are and how they got to this point in their life.” 


The Awakening, A Woman's Search for Truth, is available at Amazon.comTribeca Gallery, Books and Company, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, and other retail channels.


About the Author

Lisa Anne graduated from The American Institute of Holistic Theology with her Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics. She owns and operates Pathways of Light Wellness Center in Delafield, Wisconsin and is a Professional Astrologer serving clients all over the world. 


Media Contact:

Lisa Anne

Phone: (262)361-2056


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