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Astrology Immersion Level 1

Remote Learning 

What is Astrology Immersion? 

This is a course where you can learn the fundamentals of Astrology and how to apply them in your own life. We will explore our own charts as well as those of famous people to better understand how a chart reflects what is inherent in our lives. 

How does Remote Learning Work? 

Receive a certificate of Completion in Astrology by utilizing the Remote Learning Program.

There are two options: Receive 5 one hour audio classes in a downloadable package to listen to and follow along with at your convenience for $100 or receive the audio package AND three 45 minute one-on-one mentoring sessions by Skype, Zoom or telephone for a $250. Once sign-up is confirmed through PayPal, you can either begin your courses or set up your introductory remote meeting with Lisa Anne. 


Class 1 - Houses, the moon, the eclipses, the moon's phases and the modalities. 

Class 2 - Rising sign/ascendant, the houses, intercepted signs, house cusp & homework.

Class 3 - The planets, Mercury through Jupiter.

Class 4 - Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the north and south node. 

Class 5 - Interpreting Marylyn Monroes chart, wrap up. 

Get Started: 

Purchase audio files for classes and begin your Astrology Immersion course. $100 for five classes. 

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Purchase audio files for five classes and three one-on-one mentorship meetings via Skype, Zoom or Telephone with Lisa Anne. $250

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For more information or questions, email or call Lisa Anne at 262-361-2056.

To learn more about the in-person Astrology classes, go here.

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