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Lisa Anne offers many kinds of consultation options, mentoring and services. With your birth date, exact time, and birthplace, she will prepare your unique chart.


Appointments are available in office, by telephone and via Skype or Zoom.


Gift certificates are also available.  

3 Mo
Crescent Moon

Complete Astrology Consultation

If you have never had an Astrology session, this is the one to start with as it covers your entire birth chart, transits, life cycles, and current progressions. This is an in-depth look at yourself and the world you are surrounded by. Through astrology, you will discover your innate gifts, career potentials, relationship issues and karmic patterns. You will explore your very personal and unique 30-year Life Cycle showing the ages that were most powerful and imprinted within you, as well as the hidden areas that can  sometimes keep us stuck. Understand your Self in a whole new way. 60 minute session. Sessions in person or via Skype, Zoom or telephone.

Cost: $150

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Crescent Moon

Child/Newborn Report

At any point in your child’s life; from birth to young adult, Astrology can offer you the gift of insight. Learn about your child's emotional and educational needs as well as their gifts and challenges.  Compliment your parenting with a deeper understanding of your child. Especially helpful for those with non-verbal children. 

45 minute session in person, via Skype, Zoom or telephone. 


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Crescent Moon

Soul Retrieval

Go deeper in this 60 minute consultation to reconnect the missing pieces of the Soul. This life-changing experience allows you to cycle back in time to specific ages you came into contact with planets and what you experienced at that time. By uncovering these experiences and using your chart as a guide, you can zero in on the taproot of a wound and begin true healing. 

A Soul Retrieval session is a powerful way to recover lost parts of your Self that may be blocking you from living a more joyful, vibrant life. Sessions in person only.



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Crescent Moon

Three Month Update 

Create a relationship with Astrology by keeping up to date with your chart. This detailed checkin is highly effective in helping you understand what is happening in your life so that you may plan accordingly. Learn how to move with the flow of your natural rhythm, adjusting to both obstacles and opportunities with perfect timing. 30-45 minutes per session in person, via Skype, Zoom or telephone. 

Cost: $125

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LA Coaching

For more consistency within a safe place to share your life experiences, I am here for you. I don't have all of your answers, but within your birth chart, I can help unfold the right questions. Together, we find the way. 

Sessions in person, via Skype, Zoom or over the telephone. 

60 min. Coaching: $100

30 min. Coaching: $75 

Packages now Available! Save on packaged sessions.

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Solar Return
Crescent Moon

Solar Return - The "Birthday" chart

Each birthday is a new chart and a new path ahead. The solar return is drawn up on your birthday for you to discover where you are right now and where you are going. It’s the perfect way to begin your new year going forward. Included is an in-depth overview of where all the planets are how they are affecting areas of your life. Often purchased as a birthday gift for any loved one or yourself. Session in person, via Skype, Zoom or telephone. 


Cost: $125

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Crescent Moon

Astrology Mentorship

If you are interested in learning how to navigate your birth chart or what to dive into learning astrology and are ready to return to it, I am here to help you. We can schedule weekly or monthly appointments to understand the step-by-step process of reading charts and understanding astrology at your own pace. 

45 minute sessions in person, via Skype, Zoom or over the telephone. 


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